Return to Pooh Corner

Ah yes, the memories come flooding back. You might remember this as “House at Pooh Corner” or “Back to the Days of Christopher Robin.” It’s actually titled “Return to Pooh Corner,” a hit single from the debut album of a duo that wasn’t supposed to be a duo at all!

Jim Messina had been a member of Buffalo Springfield (bass player, producer) at the end of that band’s run. He and Richie Furay went on to form Poco, and sort of spun out on his own as a staff producer for Columbia Records.

Enter Kenny Loggins, a musical whiz kid with a knack for writing infectious songs and performing them with a evocative straining voice. Messina was assigned to produce Loggins’ debut album, and wound up “sitting in,” playing guitar, adding vocals, and generally mentoring the young talent. They sort of became a duo; the debut album was titled Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina Sittin’ In.

The two hit it off, the album clicked with the public, and the rest is history.

Released in January, 1972 “Return to Pooh Corner” was one of three hit singles on the album. The sound was a fascinating blend of recorder, flute, violin, and Michael Omartian’s scintillating keyboards. Interestingly enough, Loggins penned the song as a teenager, and claims today that he was supposed to be studying for a final when he did.

Like the more popular “Danny’s Song” from the same album, “Return to Pooh Corner” was a hit across the board, appealing to young and old alike. Loggins reprised it and expanded it on later solo albums, but none capture the magic quite like the original.

Editor’s Note:  This article was originally published in early 2007.  The editorial board had not yet formally defined the scope of the “Forgotten Gems” feature, hence the brevity.